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Mount Vernon Municipal Court will conduct its first Safe Surrender Program Thursday

The Mount Vernon Municipal Court will conduct its first Safe Surrender Program on June 9,
2022, from 12:00-4:00 p.m. Individuals with active arrest warrants out of the Mount Vernon
Municipal Court who report to the Courtroom at that time will not be arrested. Instead, they may
meet with the Court or Probation staff or go in front of the Judge to address their legal obligations.

What will happen when you report to the Safe Surrender Program?
Individuals who failed to appear for a hearing will have their hearing rescheduled. Those who
failed to report for a jail sentence will be given a new date to report to Jail. Defendants with probation
warrants will be seen by a Probation Officer to address the reasons for the warrant.

Who is not eligible for the Safe Surrender Program?
The Safe Surrender Program does not apply to anyone with an active warrant for an offense of
violence such as Assault, Aggravated Menacing, Domestic Violence, etc., Violating a Temporary
Protection Order, Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs or any felony offense.
You will be arrested and go to Jail, if you appear in Court on June 9th with one of these charges.

How do I know if I have a warrant or what I’ve been charged with?
If you are unsure whether you have an outstanding warrant, look for your name on the active
warrants list on the Court’s website: You can also
look up your case and the charge on the website under the Case Lookup tab.

Why should you report to the Safe Surrender Program?
Upon reporting to the Safe Surrender Program your warrant will be recalled from law
enforcement and the warrant block preventing renewal of your driver’s license and registration will be
released. You will also avoid being booked in at the Jail, then waiting for a bond hearing.

Why does the Court have a Safe Surrender Program?
The goals of the Safe Surrender Program include reducing the risk to law enforcement when
individuals are arrested and alleviating overcrowding at the Jail. The Program will clear up the
Court’s dockets by resolving old cases and help individuals address their legal problems.
What should you bring with you?

Bring a driver’s license, state ID card, Social Security card, Medicare card, or military ID card.
How do I learn more about the Safe Surrender Program?
For more information, please call the Mount Vernon Municipal Court Clerk’s Office at
740.393.9510, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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