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Morris and Carpenter top awards in KMAC in Softball and Baseball

The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC) consisting of the Cardington,
Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, Fredericktown, Mt Gilead, Northmor High Schools
would like to announce the following All League Softball and Baseball and team
champions. In addition, the KMAC recognizes one Senior from every school for every
sport as an All-Academic winner. The All-Academic winner must have a GPA of at least

Shelby Morris Centerburg Player of the Year
Genevieve Longsdorf Cardington-Lincoln 1st Team
Ari Simpson Cardington-Lincoln 1st Team
Chesnee Fairall Centerburg 1st Team
Kayla Ferrell Centerburg 1st Team
Abby Herren Centerburg 1st Team
Taryn Mickley Danville 1st Team
Addison Mickley Danville 1st Team
Natalie Smith East Knox 1st Team
Maddy Cotsamire East Knox 1st Team
Taylor Brown Fredericktown 1st Team
Greer Simpson Mt Gilead 1st Team
Madison Simpson Northmor 1st Team
Tim Rioux Centerburg Coach of the Year
Kate Kissling Northmor 2nd Team
Mahalia Strobel Northmor 2nd Team
Emily Zeger Northmor 2nd Team
Chloe Wells Fredericktown 2nd Team
Morgan Yoder Fredericktown 2nd Team
Shanda Melick East Knox 2nd Team
Baylee Comer East Knox 2nd Team
Cordillia Richert Danville 2nd Team
Grace Gronberg Danville 2nd Team
Harley Webb Centerburg 2nd Team
Kayden Burchett Cardington-Lincoln 2nd Team
Abby Ufferman Cardington-Lincoln Honorable Mention
Brooklyn Pankuch Centerburg Honorable Mention
Jaylyn Smith Danville Honorable Mention
Hannah McCoy East Knox Honorable Mention

Julia Partington Fredericktown Honorable Mention
Kierra Main Mt Gilead Honorable Mention
McKenna VanDyke Northmor Honorable Mention
Shelby Morris Centerburg All Academic
Taryn Mickley Danville All Academic
Kayla Finch East Knox All Academic
Megan Butler Fredericktown All Academic
Alexis Staats Mt Gilead All Academic
McKenna VanDyke Northmor All Academic
League Champion – Centerburg

Kaid Carpenter Fredericktown Player of the Year
Dustin Beckett Danville 1st Team
Bryar Householder East Knox 1st Team
Carter Kennon Mt Gilead 1st Team
Reese Scott Centerburg 1st Team
Grant Bentley Northmor 1st Team
Drew Hammond Northmor 1st Team
Trevor Brubaker Northmor 1st Team
Dillon Minturn Cardington-Lincoln 1st Team
Wyatt Wade Cardington-Lincoln 1st Team
Brady Lester Fredericktown 1st Team
Ben Mast Fredericktown 1st Team
Ryan Hathaway Fredericktown Coach of the Year
Cole Delaughder East Knox 2nd Team
Carson Steinmetz East Knox 2nd Team
Luke Bean Fredericktown 2nd Team
Xavier Mullins Fredericktown 2nd Team
Daniel LeMaster Centerburg 2nd Team
Bryce Cooper Northmor 2nd Team
Garrett Harvey Northmor 2nd Team
Grayson Brokaw Danville 2nd Team
AJ Hall Cardington-Lincoln 2nd Team
Wyatt Denney Cardington-Lincoln 2nd Team
Gage Baker Mt Gilead 2nd Team
Brad West Cardington-Lincoln Honorable Mention
Vinny Morgan Centerburg Honorable Mention
Kendall Carter Danville Honorable Mention
Landon Spearman East Knox Honorable Mention

Evan Hogg Fredericktown Honorable Mention
Nick Garvey Mt Gilead Honorable Mention
Cooper Thomas Northmor Honorable Mention
Ryan Clinger Cardington-Lincoln All Academic
Gavin Collins Centerburg All Academic
Levi Lyons Danville All Academic
Mitchell Williams East Knox All Academic
Braden Sapp Fredericktown All Academic
Judah Reid Mt Gilead All Academic
Cooper Thomas Northmor All Academic
League Champion – Fredericktown

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