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KMAC names All Conference Wrestling Teams

The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC) consisting of the Cardington,
Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, Fredericktown, Mt Gilead, Northmor High Schools
along with affiliate Wrestling members Elgin, Loudonville and Lucas High Schools would
like to announce the following All League award winners and team champions. In
addition, the KMAC recognizes one Senior from every school for every sport as an All-
Academic winner. The All-Academic winner must have a GPA of at least 3.5.

Cohan Hurst Northmor 1st Team
Brady Carr Northmor 1st Team
Drew Spreng Loudonville 1st Team
Cowin Becker Northmor 1st Team
C.J. Stoney Northmor 1st Team
Carson Campbell Northmor 1st Team
Thomas Hause Centerburg 1st Team
Kaiden Luikart Elgin 1st Team
Caylan LeMaster Centerburg 1st Team
Jarrod Johnston Elgin 1st Team
Nels Van Gundy Elgin 1st Team
Caleb Gregory Loudonville 1st Team
Charlie Sargent Centerburg 1st Team
Mason Lanthorn Centerburg 1st Team
Caylan LeMaster Centerburg Wrestler of KMAC Tournament
Levi Pasma Elgin Coach of the Year
Cowin Becker Northmor Wrestler of the Year
Aiden Cervantes Elgin 2nd Team
Trent Rook Fredericktown 2nd Team
Ethan Amens Northmor 2nd Team
Christopher Marshall Centerburg 2nd Team

Gavin Rhodes Elgin 2nd Team
Isaac Wittel Loudonville 2nd Team
Josh Serrato Loudonville 2nd Team
Mason Kendall Lucas 2nd Team
Quinten Harrison Elgin 2nd Team
Wyatt Denney Cardington-Lincoln 2nd Team
Josh Gregory Loudonville 2nd Team
Luke Waldo Elgin 2nd Team
Tyler Pasma Elgin 2nd Team
Lucas Herbst Fredericktown 2nd Team
John Willis Elgin Honorable Mention
Justis Schultz Centerburg Honorable Mention
Jacob Hostetler Elgin Honorable Mention
Brady Smith Loudonville Honorable Mention
Colton Long Elgin Honorable Mention
Bryce Cooper Northmor Honorable Mention
Ethin Davis Loudonville Honorable Mention
James Eichler Northmor Honorable Mention
Ashton Clark Northmor Honorable Mention
Theodore Stygler Centerburg Honorable Mention
Rayden Caudill Lucas Honorable Mention
Cody Meimer Mt Gilead Honorable Mention
Russell Sherman Elgin Honorable Mention
Luke Waldo Elgin All Academic
Lucas Herbst Fredericktown All Academic

KMAC Champion – Elgin

Middle School Wrestling
Ethan Turner Mt Gilead Middle School Winner

Rocco Castricone Mt Gilead Middle School Winner
Carter Thomas Northmor Middle School Winner
Noah Matthews Centerburg Middle School Winner
Dylan Compton Cardington-Lincoln Middle School Winner
Colin Beck Northmor Middle School Winner
Landon Shrader Elgin Middle School Winner
Braxton Vernon Centerburg Middle School Winner
Stone Rhoades Elgin Middle School Winner
Kaden St. Clair Mt Gilead Middle School Winner
Ethan Littleton Northmor Middle School Winner
Cooper Nelson Mt Gilead Middle School Winner
Carter Sherman Cardington-Lincoln Middle School Winner
Brody Andrews Centerburg Middle School Winner
Rodney Acord Northmor Middle School Winner
Billy Lingrel Elgin Middle School Winner
Middle School Champion – Mt Gilead

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