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KMAC announces Loudonville as addition in all sports beginning 2024-25 Season

The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC) is proud to announce Loudonville High
School will be joining the KMAC in 2024-25 for all sports. Loudonville made a
presentation to the 7 KMAC Principals in March 6 and the Principals unanimously
agreed to invite the Redbirds into the league. Loudonville has been be an Affiliate
member for Wrestling since 2020-21 and football this past year. This brings the KMAC
to 8 full-fledged schools.

This past football season was very successful for the KMAC with Loudonville playing its
first season in the league. The KMAC thinks this is a natural progression for
Loudonville to join in all sports. Loudonville has a long history of athletic success which
fits nicely into the KMAC.

The Redbirds join Cardington-Lincoln, Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, Fredericktown,
Mt Gilead and Northmor Middle and High Schools in the KMAC.

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