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KMAC Announces All League winners and Team Champions in Wrestling

The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC) consisting of the Cardington,
Centerburg, Danville, East Knox, Fredericktown, Mt Gilead, Northmor High Schools
along with affiliate members Elgin, Loudonville and Lucas (for wrestling) High Schools
would like to announce the following All League award winners and team champions. In
addition, the KMAC recognizes one Senior from every school for every sport as an All-
Academic winner. The All-Academic winner must have a GPA of at least 3.5.

Hunter Johnston Elgin Wrestling 1st Team
Drew Spreng Loudonville Wrestling 1st Team
Cowin Becker Northmor Wrestling 1st Team
Isaac Wittel Loudonville Wrestling 1st Team
Bryce Cooper Northmor Wrestling 1st Team
Noah Langston Lucas Wrestling 1st Team
Quinten Harrison Elgin Wrestling 1st Team
Caylan LeMaster Centerburg Wrestling 1st Team
John Vetter Lucas Wrestling 1st Team
Niko Christo Northmor Wrestling 1st Team
Nels Van Gundy Elgin Wrestling 1st Team
Blake Elliott East Knox Wrestling 1st Team
Zane Finley Lucas Wrestling 1st Team
James Crabtree Elgin Wrestling 1st Team
Niko Christo Northmor Wrestling Wrestler of the Year
James Crabtree Elgin Wrestling Wrestler of the Tournament
Caylan LeMaster Centerburg Wrestling Wrestler of the Tournament
Levi Pasma Elgin Wrestling Coach of the Year
Tyler Reeder Loudonville Wrestling 2nd Team
Gavin Rhodes Elgin Wrestling 2nd Team
Christopher Marshall Centerburg Wrestling 2nd Team
Colton Long Elgin Wrestling 2nd Team
Andrew Banta Centerburg Wrestling 2nd Team
Kaleb Martin Elgin Wrestling 2nd Team
Gabe Simpson Mt Gilead Wrestling 2nd Team
Kaiden Luikart Elgin Wrestling 2nd Team
Jarrod Johnston Elgin Wrestling 2nd Team
Hunter Caltrider Lucas Wrestling 2nd Team
Ashton Clark Mt Gilead Wrestling 2nd Team

Garret George Mt Gilead Wrestling 2nd Team
Charlie Sargent Centerburg Wrestling 2nd Team
Isaiah Fisher Mt Gilead Wrestling 2nd Team
Heath Merklin Centerburg Wrestling Honorable Mention
Karson Thomas Elgin Wrestling Honorable Mention
Jonah Gribben Centerburg Wrestling Honorable Mention
Nikkoli Mooney Elgin Wrestling Honorable Mention
Lane Johnson Centerburg Wrestling Honorable Mention
Xavier Platt Fredericktown Wrestling Honorable Mention
Josh Wittel Loudonville Wrestling Honorable Mention
John Miller Mt Gilead Wrestling Honorable Mention
Westlee Cantley Centerburg Wrestling Honorable Mention
Mason Hoeflich Fredericktown Wrestling Honorable Mention
Luke Waldo Elgin Wrestling Honorable Mention
Nick Garvey Mt Gilead Wrestling Honorable Mention
Mason Lanthorn Centerburg Wrestling Honorable Mention
Lane Johnson Centerburg Wrestling All Academic
James Crabtree Elgin Wrestling All Academic
Xavier Platt Fredericktown Wrestling All Academic
Noah Langston Lucas Wrestling All Academic
Gavin Whited Northmor Wrestling All Academic
KMAC Champion – Elgin
Middle School Wrestling
Corey Climer Centerburg Wrestling Champion
Carter Thomas Northmor Wrestling Champion
Collin Beck Northmor Wrestling Champion
Brady Carr Northmor Wrestling Champion
Braxton Vernon Centerburg Wrestling Champion
Ethan Amens Northmor Wrestling Champion
Kaiden Grahm Elgin Wrestling Champion
Brady Smith Loudonville Wrestling Champion
Garrett Deisch Northmor Wrestling Champion
Wyatt Kennedy Elgin Wrestling Champion
Chris Kinsley Cardington-Lincoln Wrestling Champion
Carter Sherman Cardington-Lincoln Wrestling Champion
Wyatt Denney Cardington-Lincoln Wrestling Champion
Jack Van Gundy Elgin Wrestling Champion
Dominic Wolpe Fredericktown Wrestling Champion
Middle School Champion – Northmor

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