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Centerburg and Danville Girls High in RPI rankings prior to rematch

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association released the first MaxPreps Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) rankings on Wednesday for girls and boys basketball. Toward the end of the regular-season, RPI data will be used to determine seeding for the statewide district tournament draws, which are February 4 for girls and February 11 for boys.

The concept of using RPI to determine seeding was proposed by the Ohio Basketball Coaches Association (OHSBCA) and approved by the OHSAA Board of Directors last fall. Previously, coaches in each district voted to determine basketball tournament seeding.

Girls Basketball:

Boys Basketball:

The RPI formula was recommended by the OHSBCA, adopted by the OHSAA and is calculated using scores entered into MaxPreps. The formula is comprised of 40 percent winning percentage, 35 percent opponent’s winning percentage, and 25 percent opponent’s opponent’s winning percentage. The winning team is required to enter the score into MaxPreps, or for out-of-state opponents, the Ohio school must enter the score if it is not entered by the out-of-state school.

The school groupings are determined by how each of the OHSAA’s six District Athletic Boards set up the seeding for their specific district. The Central, East, Northeast and Southeast Districts put all the schools together in each division, while the Southwest District divides its schools into North and South groups, and the Northwest District divides its schools into smaller groups.

The final reporting dates for scores to be entered and utilized in the RPI are 11:59 PM on February 2 for girls and February 9 for boys. As was the case previously, regular-season games continue after the tournament draw.

The OHSAA has utilized a version of RPI data to determine football playoff qualifiers since 1972. The OHSAA will continue to explore using RPI data to determine seeding in additional sports.

1Newark Catholic (Newark)0.7348361.0000000.5777600.53048111-0
2Fisher Catholic (Lancaster)0.6659530.8461540.5853570.49046611-2
4Wellington School (Columbus)0.5990270.8181820.4260330.4905719-2
5Madison Christian (Groveport)0.5880750.8000000.4074600.5018558-2
6Mt. Gilead0.5464710.5000000.6319960.5010886-6
7Delaware Christian (Delaware)0.5392440.7000000.4343940.4288267-3
8Fairfield Christian Academy (Lancaster)0.5088840.5833330.4736770.4390537-5
9Grove City Christian (Grove City)0.5039940.6363640.3750230.4727647-4
10Shekinah Christian (Plain City)0.5014060.6363640.3909090.4401697-4
11Ridgedale (Morral)0.4834570.4545450.5213960.4766025-6
12Granville Christian Academy (Granville)0.4283730.5000000.3391030.4387505-5
13Patriot Prep Academy (Columbus)0.3852210.4545450.2836580.4164905-6
14Northside Christian (Westerville)0.2921470.0000000.5476190.4019200-6
15Liberty Christian Academy (Pataskala)0.2738680.0000000.5039680.3899160-12
16Berne Union (Sugar Grove)0.2644590.0000000.4354450.4482130-11
2Pleasant (Marion)0.6655050.9230770.4540790.54938612-1
3Africentric Early College (Columbus)0.6474500.8181820.5271510.5427009-2
4Amanda-Clearcreek (Amanda)0.6448980.7692310.5721450.54782010-3
6Bishop Ready (Columbus)0.6014560.7142860.5344500.51473410-4
7Johnstown-Monroe (Johnstown)0.5855380.6153850.6054150.5099558-5
8Cardington-Lincoln (Cardington)0.5805950.6153850.5714570.5377268-5
9Harvest Prep (Canal Winchester)0.5737160.6153850.5628500.5222608-5
10Elgin (Marion)0.5291420.7500000.3190980.4698309-3
11Tree of Life Christian (Columbus)0.5216900.5454550.5356200.4641656-5
12Worthington Christian (Worthington)0.5103010.4166670.6004170.5339535-7
15Columbus Academy (Gahanna)0.4637650.4444440.4789430.4734284-5
16Liberty Union (Baltimore)0.4606430.3076920.5885780.5262564-9
17Grandview Heights (Columbus)0.4574750.5000000.3755880.5040774-4
18Columbus International (Columbus)0.4515900.5454550.3286990.4734546-5
19Northmor (Galion)0.4480880.2857140.6227820.4633144-10
20Northridge (Johnstown)0.4438540.3571430.5224620.4725415-9
21East Knox (Howard)0.4357440.3076920.5467650.4851974-9
22Madison Plains (London)0.4311360.3333330.5142440.4712714-8
23Horizon Science Academy (Columbus)0.4274450.5000000.3548230.4130265-5
24West Jefferson0.4120990.2000000.6090890.4756692-8
25Lakewood (Hebron)0.4120590.2500000.5343870.5000933-9
26Columbus School for Girls (Columbus)0.4049000.3076920.4617650.4808224-9
27Fairbanks (Milford Center)0.3946990.1666670.5941820.4802742-10

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