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MVNU celebrates employees; Timmerman, Dennison lauded for contributions 

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio (Aug. 25, 2022) — Dr. Melanie Timmerman was named Faculty Member of the Year while Dennis Dennison was named Staff Member of the Year as Mount Vernon Nazarene University celebrated contributions of faculty and staff during the recent University Dinner. 

Timmerman, Professor of Business and Dean of Jetter School of Professional Studies, was recognized for her commitment to MVNU’s mission and vision by going above and beyond to lead by example to shape lives and demonstrate Christian character. 

“Every interaction with her is one in which you walk away enriched and empowered,” said Dr. Amy Kovach, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Mel is kindness, caring, and support exemplified. She models professionalism and collegiality as she leads a team with a Christian spirit and works collaboratively with the team. She also demonstrates distinguished service and dedication by her example. Mel is always willing to serve others and this leadership encourages others to model after her example and is at the forefront of service for our team and provides support and service each day to our team and others.” 

Dennison was praised for his growth from a staff electrician to the Assistant Director/Project Manager for Facilities Operations and developing a project finance tracking system that has reduced workload and increased transparency on campus projects. 

“Dennis continues to develop as a valued member of the Facilities team. He has a heart for serving the campus community and is constantly looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and streamline operations. He has been instrumental in the successful completion of the projects on campus,” said Scott Campbell, CFO and Vice President for Finance. “Even when challenges and disappointments are present, Dennis stays strong and is a positive Christlike example to the world.” 

President Dr. Henry W. Spaulding II addressed faculty and staff to launch the 2022-23 academic year and to celebrate the work accomplished at the university and to reinforce that all contributions matter. 

“Christian higher education is not easy, but it is worth every tear, every prayer, and every unspoken dream. It is worth it because what we do matters for the church and for the world,” said Spaulding. 

In his time as president, Spaulding has given special attention to the needs, and wants, of faculty and staff. This year, he said, he will take his vision to a new level by expanding the Senior Leadership Team and introduced the Campus Leadership Team to replace the President’s Advisory Council. 

Spaulding announced the placement of Brenita Nicholas-Edwards, Assistant Vice President for Global Engagement; and Tavaris Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Engagement on the Senior Leadership Team, following their participation for several months on a trial basis. 

The Campus Leadership Team is made up of the Senior Leadership Team, Academic Leadership Team, associate and assistant vice presidents, and traditional and GPS personnel selected by SLT. This group meets one a month during the academic year to help gather ideas, listen to feedback, and disseminate information to the campus community in a timely, accurate, and relevant manner. 

“These changes intend to give faculty and staff increased opportunities to speak into the ways in which we accomplish the mission of MVNU,” Spaulding said. “I trust that this helps members of this community better understand the nature and rationale of the Campus Leadership Team, its relationship to the Senior Leadership Team, and the multitude of campus community members you can connect with should you have questions, ideas, or feedback to share with the leadership of our campus.” 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University celebrated long-term commitment of faculty and staff with the following service awards: 

5 Year Awards — Eric Brown, Amy Flavin, Zachary Ganzberg, Dr. Florence Hardjono, Dr. Binyang Hou, Dr. Christina Jones, Marie Kennedy, Becky Leija, Gary McCutcheon, Paul McNeal, David McPeak, Lyndsey McPherson, Matthew McPherson, Dr. Jose Oommen, Dr. Michael Robbeloth, Cheryl Sharpes, Charlotte Skeese, Joy Strickland, Lisa VanNest, and Cheryl White. 

10 Year Awards — Katie Booth, Kevin Chaney, Dr. Carol Dorough, Jamie Thorne, Dr. Eric Vail, and Lisa Walchle. 

15 Year Awards — Dr. Carrie Beal, Dr. Elizabeth Napier, Esther Rudolph, Linda Tarrh, and Dr. Bradley Whitaker. 

20 Year Awards — Sheryl Arden, Joyce McDonald, Toni Veale, and Rodney Yoder. 

25 Year Awards — Brian Baby, Dr. John Noonen, Vicky Reed, and Alan Shaffer. 

30 Year Awards — Debbie Beheler and Gina Blanchard. 

35 Year Awards — Judy DeVolld. 

40 Year Awards — Denise Parks. 

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