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MVFD Holds Annual Banquet

The Mount Vernon Fire Department held an
Awards Banquet on the evening of January
25, 2023 to honor members of the department
for their exemplary service throughout 2022.
Attending the event were members of the
Mount Vernon Fire Department and their
families, as well as retired members of the
Mount Vernon Fire Department and their
families. Also in attendance was City
Administration and members of City Council.
The award
began by
Dr. Tracy
Dr. Schermer was the Medical Director for MVFD for 28 years
prior to retiring in May of 2022. To honor the former Medical
Director and his dedication to EMS throughout our community,
the first-ever Dr. Schermer EMS Award was presented. That
recipient was Erick Fisher. EMS Commendation Ribbons were
given to Lieutenant Jay Laymon, Jack Carter and Andrew Sims
for their quick actions during a call in July of 2022 which led to
a positive outcome for a patient.

Moving onto
the evening’s
fire awards,
13 members
of the MVFD received Fire Commendation
Ribbons for their performance during a
working residential fire on August 16, 2022.
Those recipients were Incident Commander,
Captain Josh Lester; Ladder 491’s Brayden
Kramp, Kayla Corbin, Thomas Cooper, and
Ross Wind; Engine 491’s Bryan Conant
(Driver/Operator), Lieutenant Chad Elser,
David Miller, and Jack Carter; Engine 492’s
Lieutenant Coty Shellenbarger, Kevin Lisbon,
and Brian Krehel; and Engine 493’s Tim Rose.

Receiving the Distinguished Service Medal
for their rescue in the previously mentioned
residential fire were Lieutenant Chad Elser,
David Miller and Jack Carter. Once the
crew arrived on scene they were able to
locate and remove the victim within 4
minutes 36 seconds. Also receiving an
award for the same incident were members
of the Mount Vernon Police Department;
Sergeant Justin Willis, Lieutenant Qade
Lewis, Patrolman James Coffey and
Patrolman Paige Sims all received the
Firefighter’s Cross for their actions on
August 6, 2022.

The final awards were given to the 2022
Officer of the Year and 2022 Firefighter of
the Year. Lieutenant Chad Elser was
named Mount Vernon Fire Department’s
2022 Officer of the Year. Thomas Calland
was named Mount Vernon Fire
Department’s 2022 Firefighter of the

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