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Mount Vernon City Council meets tonight

AgendaAgenda Packet
I. Committee Meetings 1. 07-11-22 Committee Meeting Schedule II. MEETING WILL RECESS UNTIL 7:30 P.M. III. Call to Order 1. Roll Call IV. Invocation V. Pledge of Allegiance VI. Acceptance of Minutes 1. Minutes of Jun 27, 2022 7:30 PM VII. Receive Petitions and Communications VIII. Receive Committee Reports 1. 06-27-22A Utilities Commission Meeting Minutes 2. 06-27-22B Utilities Commission Meeting Minutes IX. Liquor Control License 1. 07-11-22 Liquor License X. Proclamation XI. Persons speaking on Matters of City Concern XII. Resolutions for Third Reading 1. 2022-61 : A Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Safety Service Director of the City of Mount Vernon, Ohio, to Acquire Tomco Recarbonation Control Panels for the Mount Vernon Water and Waste Water Department, and Declaring an Emergency. documentResolution Printout XIII. Resolutions for Second Reading 1. 2022-62 : A Resolution Approving the PND Comprehensive Development Plan as Submitted by the Ohio Eastern Star Home and Approved by the Mount Vernon Municipal Planning Commission for 1451 Gambier Road, Parcel #66-09656.000; and Declaring an Emergency. documentResolution Printout a. Ex. A – OESH Development Plan 2. 2022-63 : A Resolution Authorizing the Safety Service Director to Release a Request for Qualifications for Identifying and Selecting a Qualified Firm or Firms to Provide Services for the Rehabilitation of Clarifier No. 1 at the City’s Water Treatment Plant, Identify and Enter into Contract with the Selected Firm or Firms for Those Services; and Declaring an Emergency. documentResolution Printout XIV. Resolutions for First Reading 1. 2022-65 : A Resolution Adopting the Modified Tax Budget of the City of Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, Ohio, for the Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2023, and Submitting the Same to the Auditor of Knox County, Ohio. documentResolution Printout 2. 2022-66 : A Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Auditor of the City of Mount Vernon to Transfer Certain Funds. documentResolution Printout 3. 2022-67 : A Resolution Authorizing the Safety-Service Director to Advertise for Bids and Enter into Contract for Construction of a New Maintenance Facility at Mound View Cemetery; and Declaring an Emergency. documentResolution Printout XV. Ordinances for Third Reading XVI. Ordinances for Second Reading XVII. Ordinances for First Reading 1. 2022-24 : An Ordinance to Revise the Process to Grant a Residential Conditional Use for Properties Located in Office-Institutional Zones; and Declaring an Emergency. documentOrdinance Printout XVIII. Remarks from the Administration XIX. Remarks from Council XX. Adjourn at the Call of the President

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