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Knox County Sheriff’s Message About Potential Threats

In the past couple of weeks, some of our local residents have asked about my
reaction to statements made by FBI Director C. Wray concerning threats against the
United States. They have asked how their sheriff’s office is working to keep them safe.

Ohio has established eight Homeland Security Regions to facilitate alert systems,
security warnings, and preparedness initiatives across the state. We receive a daily
Safer Ohio Activity Report. This SOAR report shares information gathered by law
enforcement, emergency management, and homeland security resources. This report
includes information from state, national, and international sources. We receive
information from the Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center. We recently
utilized the STACC and our federal partners to gather information, and assist us in
investigations involving foreign nationals that were involved in interstate fraud schemes.
Ohio sheriffs are also members of the National Sheriff’s Association, giving us
resources and information nationwide.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, along with other local law enforcement
personnel provide training to schools, government agencies, businesses, and
organizations on active threat and intruder training (run, hide, fight training). We have a
specially trained deputy to conduct business security assessments, and provide detailed
reports on their findings, along with any suggested improvements.

The sheriff’s office takes proactive measures to maintain the security of our
information and records. Knox County has trained personnel assigned to help keep our
data and equipment as secure as possible.

When citizens ask what they can do to be prepared, our recommendation is to
plan in a similar way as they would for a natural disaster or weather event. Have food,
essentials, back-up power, and supplies that can sustain you and your family for at least
six days. The Knox County Emergency Management Agency has excellent information
on disaster basics and assembling an emergency supply kit. Be proactive, report
suspicious activity, but do not let fear keep you from living your life. Anyone with
questions or concerns is encouraged to contact our office.
Sheriff David Shaffer

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