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Danville Police issue follow up statement regarding threat

The Danville Police Department, in partnership with Danville Local Schools, issues this follow-
up statement concerning the recent incident involving a student threat.

On February 12th, at 10:57 am, the Danville PD received notification of a threat made by a
student not enrolled in the district. Immediate action was taken upon receipt of this information,
following established protocols. The threat was promptly reported to Law Enforcement through a
“Duty to Warn,” and both the school and law enforcement agencies swiftly enacted their safety

It is imperative for the community to be aware that the student involved in this incident has been
transitioned from medical care to a juvenile detention facility. Danville Police, in collaboration
with other county law enforcement, the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office, medical professionals,
and Danville Local Schools, are diligently providing appropriate support and supervision.
We want to underscore to our community that the safety and well-being of our students, staff,
and community members remain our paramount concern. Every threat is treated with the utmost
seriousness, and we are dedicated to upholding a secure learning environment for all.
We encourage anyone with concerns or information regarding this incident to contact the
Danville Police Department or Danville Local Schools.

We extend our appreciation for the cooperation and support of our community as we navigate
through this situation together.
Dan J. Weckesser
Danville Police Chief
Captain Miller
Danville Local Schools SRO/District Security Officer

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