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City of Mount Vernon Honors Employees at First Annual Appreciation Luncheon

On Wednesday at the Station Break Senior Center on Howard Street in Mount Vernon the City held the first annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon to honor workers in the city.

Mayor Matt Starr spoke first and welcomed those in attendance and said that it was a huge moment in the City’s history. He went on to say that they did a survey for the city and received a 64 percent return rate and got 109 survey responses.

The Keynote Speaker was Mount Vernon City Council 2nd Ward representative John Francis who helped spearhead the luncheon. He said the city has very motivated workers and that the day was all about the employees of the City of Mount Vernon. He went on to say the City now has a mechanism to recognize and motivate the employees hard work.

Five Year Awards were given to

Lindsay Hoar, Jamee Hershberger, Jennifer Mack, Eric Maggard, Braden Kramps and Thomas Brown, Thomas Calland and John Alberts

Ten Year awards were handed out to

Ben Harrod, Christopher Roddy and Aaron Collins

15 Year Awards went to

Patrick Hornsby, Joy Clinger, Chad Elser, Kevin Lisbon, Tony Deluliis, Trevor Williams, Jarrod McCann, Nick Cockrell, Josh Lester and Brian Kramp

20 Year Awards went to Andy Burns, Duane VanHorn and Robert Stribling

25 Year Awards went to Beth Marti, Patricia McCann, Tim Rose and Terry Davis

30 Year Awards went to Jerry Clinger and Eric Rudder

EMS Team Member of the Year went to Josh Lester of the Mount Vernon Fire Department

Judicial Team Member of the Year went to Brittany Whitney Assistant Law Director for the City

Public Works Team Member of the Year went to Terry Postle

Public Utilities Team Member of the Year Lee Henthorn

City Hall Team Member of the Year Lacie Blankenhorn and Tax Department VIP Team Member of the Year Diane Clippinger

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