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City of Mount Vernon Enforcing Yard Sign Ordinance

MOUNT VERNON, January 18, 2024 – The City of Mount Vernon is notifying all candidates for
elective office running in the March 19, 2024 primary election that the City is enforcing the location
of all temporary yard signs placed within City limits of Mount Vernon per Codified Ordinance
503.02 (Advertising on Public Property).

According to the ordinance, signs cannot be placed on public or City-owned property. This includes
City parks, the public right of way, tree lawns and on utility poles. Where a tree lawn is not present,
signs must be placed a minimum of 10 feet from the street’s edge. This ordinance applies to all
political, event and commercial signs.

Any signs placed illegally will be confiscated without notice. Confiscated signs can be retrieved by
calling Mount Vernon Code Enforcement at 740-393-9577.

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