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KCCC Preschool Awarded Grants to Assist with Student Learning”

Mount Vernon, OH – Knox County Career Center (KCCC) Preschool was awarded the
Early Childhood Education (ECE) Grant and the Math Shelf Grant over the summer.

KCCC went from 27 ECE Grant student slots to 32 with the recent grant award.
Additional funding is associated with each slot. KCCC had to outline how the grant would be
specifically used and structured for KCCC Preschool children.

KCCC Preschool also received the Math Shelf Grant, which is a program for Preschool
through remedial 1st-grade math. This program is individualized and is designed to help
children with their math skills that were lost during the pandemic. KCCC Preschool received 8
Kindles and the use of the Math Self Program.

The Math Shelf Program is free through the grant from August through December. The
program will be evaluated by staff at that point with an option to extend it from January through
May for half of the regular price.

“We are very grateful to receive both of these grants. We love to see children have these
opportunities to help them become successful and more skilled. Our goal is to provide them with
the best education we possibly can,” said Jeremi Jarosz, KCCC Preschool Director.

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