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1300 AM to go off air

News release
Subject: Major change to 1300 WMVO-AM
Date: May 1, 2023

  Over the last several years 1300 AM WMVO has experienced major engineering issues. In fact, 1300 AM has been on low power (25watts) for over two years. We spent tens of thousands of dollars consulting with multiple engineering firms conducting field work and extended research. We received multiple solutions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to correct. Even after making the investment these firms could not guarantee 1300 AM WMVO would be back on the air at full power and within FCC rules and regulations. This put us at a crossroads. As you may know 1300 AM (parent) shares programming with 100.9FM (translator) both delivering the WMVO brand programming. There is a solution, but it required us to go HD. This meant turning 1300 AM off but keeping the same great programming on 100.9FM. The next step is to now share that same programming with both 100.9 FM (translator) and 93.7 HD-2 WQIO (new Parent). How does this work? WQIO has a new digital transmitter allowing us to broadcast multiple signals on the same frequency. In other words, like local TV stations we have 93.7 HD-1, 93.7 HD-2 93.7 HD-3 and so on. Making this switch made sense financially and is a real solution long-term taking WVMO into the future, which is now. So here is the lineup….

100.9 FM and 93.7 HD-2 (WMVO programming the same) Good Time Oldies! News, Sports

93.7 FM and HD1 – Biggest Hits of the 80’, 90’s and today!

  So, we are about to make this move! You will also naturally be able to get on any digital device with our free streaming app. However, listeners will not hear any difference, as this moves WMVO into a new era of the digital world. It upgrades the technology, so it will be innovative. We are happy to have the opportunity to offer this modern technology to you. Over the next several months we will be featuring sixty-second features on WMVO that will help listeners understand more about HD & our HD2 signal at 100.9 FM. We believe with all our hearts that this was fully thought out, weighing all our options, and ultimately knowing and understanding that this is the best for the community, best for WMVO and its employees. Thank you so much. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to email me at . Thank you all for being such loyal listeners to WMVO and we hope you will continue to do so.


Tom Klein

BAS Broadcasting Inc


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